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My name is Robert Sangiovanni. I am the owner of Sangiovanni Distillery and creator of ATX Vodka based out of Pflugerville Tx. I am a Fifth Generation Austinite on my Mother’s side. The Alba family has been in the Austin area since the 1830s.

My passion for making alcohol originates from my fathers side. ATX Vodka is our family recipe from my great grandfather who hails from Monreale Sicily. When he came to this country in 1913 to Ellis Island with barrels of olives, he began working at his brother's produce market in Cleveland Ohio and it became a thriving enterprise. They were known as the sweet potato kings. Unfortunatly, the business was lost in the Great Depression. Soon after, he began making his recipes that he brought with him from Palermo where his family made Limoncello and Orange Liquors, made with pure grain alcohol that they distilled themselves. He, then, began making it again at his brother-in-law's root beer factory in Cleveland. The smell of root beer permeated the neighborhood, covering up the smell of alcohol. In prohibition times it was called Pops Root Beer. The family made ends meet and continued to grow.

I was given these recipes and notes from my grandmother and perfected his recipes to make a more clean, crisp and pure natural product using Austin spring water. It is what we now sell in stores as ATX VODKA. We have kept a lot of my family’s original Sicilian techniques in distilling and most important, the style of making the cuts using nothing but pure hearts and no impurity’s.





ATX Vodka

Locally made in small batches from a private spring water source in Austin Tx. with a hint of sweetness from the corn that it's made from.

100% Neutral Spirits Distilled from Grain

We are ATX Vodka.....






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